Monday, September 15, 2008

the peeler

I always forget to buy this one thing – the peeler. When I am peeling vegetables, that’s the time I remember that I need one. I’ve always told my husband to remind me when we’re shopping that we should buy a peeler. But he forgets too. And it happened again yesterday!

We did our weekend grocery shopping. We usually shop at the big store but it’s out of the way, so we opted for the small one beside our flat. That’s where we park our car anyway. The store was quiet, and the usual buzz of shoppers was missing. It was unusual for a Sunday.

When we were already outside the store, returning the shopping cart, hubby picked up something and asked “We need a peeler, right?” Oh no! We forgot to buy again I thought silently. But hubby was quick to show me what he picked. “Then here it is!” and handed me a shiny silver peeler with a big grin. We looked around, but there was nobody to return it to. The parking lot had few parked cars but no one was around, except for an old man in the other lane pulling out a shopping cart.

We looked at the peeler. There was no doubt it was still new and unused. But the question is: where did it come from? If it fell from someone’s cart, it would still have the store mark and price tag (which it didn’t have) and it’s unlikely that someone would bring a peeler to shop. Mysterious, isn’t it?

I believe finding it was not a coincidence at all. I’d like to acknowledge that it’s a gift from above. Who else would know that it is the very thing we need? And it was the perfect one coz hubby is left-handed and I am the opposite. Guess what? The peeler has a dual sharp edge which can be used for both left-handed and right-handed user. SIMPLY AMAZING!!!


Sassy Mama Bear said...

Mysterious peeler, but a true gift. Maybe hubby bought it and snuck it in? Allen would do that.
Me, I need to buy a new paring knife.

cookie said...

simply mysterious and simply amazing. hehe maybe ur hubby secretly bought it???

euphoricgirl said...

he didn't, i'm sure of that... :)

carey @ new horizons said...

It surely is a pleasant surprise from Him! :) Thanks for this inspiring post... it reminds me of God's knowing our heart's desires even before we ask them and even if they're just minor needs such as a kitchen peeler.