Tuesday, July 29, 2008

thank you, i'm alright!

How are you? They ask me every time I go online. My family has been checking on me on a daily basis if I'm alright. Thank God I am. It wasn't as hard as I've imagined my life would be since hubby left for work abroad leaving me with our baby. He'll be gone for only two weeks anyway. And though there are many things I couldn't do because of my limited capacity, I'm still okay. As I've told mom, as long as we can shower and eat, then we're okay. :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

my hands are full!

It's been two crazy days of being alone with my 11 month old baby. Her dad is somewhere far, working for the family. Anyway, this is a big challenge for me. How will I be able to do the household stuff with a baby following me around and sticking to me like a leech? It's tough! I have to sneak out when she's asleep to do as much work as I can which usually fails coz she sleeps too short.

But on the brighter side, I'll have rescue 911 coming soon in 8 days! I just have to be more patient!

My heart goes out to all single mothers who not only have to work hard to make a living for their kidS, but also have to take care of their needs when they get home. Hats off to all of you!

Monday, July 14, 2008

count your blessings!

No matter how often we hear this phrase, we always tend to focus on what we lack. Agree? :) We're so blessed that we have a GREAT God who doesn't mind our shortcomings and complaints and still continues to pour out His graces on us.

It's already a week since I have this unsightly and painful wound in my leg that's been bothering me. Should I count this as a blessing? You might ask, "How can it be a blessing?" Well, I don't know what's God purpose for this but He must have a good reason for it. But please Lord, let this cup pass. Thanks! :)