Monday, December 1, 2008

i'm still alive!

The first day of December probably prodded the lazy me to peek in my blog today and write a short post to let everyone know that I still exist. :) I couldn't let this day pass without saying hello and many thanks to my loyal readers and EC droppers who still continue to come to my blog even when it's very silent here.

God bless you all!

Friday, October 31, 2008

spreading the symphony of love

A couple of months ago, I tagged BK of Symphony of Love with my simply seven post. He graciously declined joining it but was generous to give me a link to his ebook, the Symphony of Love. That's not all, he also told me I can share the link with 7 other people. :)

BK said...

Hi, thanks for tagging me. It is very much appreciated. Pardon me that I would not be playing along. However, I as an appreciation for this simply seven tag, please feel free to pass along the complimentary copy of Symphony of Love to any 7 people who you appreciated. I have already sent the link to download the ebook through the Entrecard message. You may pass the download link to them privately. :)

Once again, many many thanks for tagging me.

Since Christmas is around the corner, I thought now is the best time to share the book with my readers. All you have to do is be the first 7 commentors of this post and I'll send you the link as soon as I can. Btw, this ebook costs $6.95USD and hey, we're getting it for free! :)

Many thanks to BK!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Hubby said, if you don't have anything to write about, then don't write. I guess I'm going by that rule lately. Actually, I've been lazy the past weeks ergo my silence. But my offline life goes on!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

all for a good cause ;)

When I was in college, I used to join many contests (except beauty contests! haha) and I was more often fortunate! I'd win t-shirts, CD's, concert tickets, money and a lot of goodies. One time there was this contest on TV, and they were giving away prizes ranging from big cash to appliances and since the rule was very simple, I tried to join.

So the rule was, they will be showing off their logo in several programs, and all the contestants have to do is to write the name of the show and the date when the logo appeared. One of the shows included was a soap opera which I watch while keeping my bedridden grandmother company late at night. Along with the entry, a bottle cap or a wrapper of the sponsors' products should be sent too.

The most practical product for me to send in was wrapper of sanitary napkin coz us girls, use this every month for a week long (the most). So I bought plenty! I went to the supermarket and filled up the shopping cart with sanitary napkins! Hahaha I didn't care what the people have to say. Okay, that was the craziest I ever did just to win.

It did pay off. I won but not the big prizes. I got 50 (or was it more?) movie passes which I wasn't so thrilled about. I ended up giving most to my cousin who helped me wrote down my numerous entries and sealed the envelopes. At least I already had a year's supply of napkins. ;)

Anyway, since Christmas is nearing I think I'd try my fortune once again by joining the contests happening in the blog land. There are many. If ever I'd win, the money would go to a good cause - myself! Hahaha. Do let me know if you know of any contests. And if you see many contest posts here, please don't complain! :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

lainy's birthday bash contest

Hear ye! Hear ye! One of EC’s top droppers, Lainy of Lainy’s Musings is celebrating her birthday soon and to celebrate that special day, she’s sharing her blessings to everyone with a contest!

There are many prizes at stake for us all – cash, free blog lay-out, free ads and lots of EC credits! Wow! Hurry and visit her blog now and see how you too can join the contest.

Special mention to her generous sponsors who have made this contest possible, thanks to them!

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Please don’t forget to check out Lainy’s other sites.

Our Journey To Forever

Happy Birthday girl! May God shower you with good health, happiness and more LOVE!

Update on the contest's prizes:

This contest shall give away the following prizes:

Blog Lay Out valued at $30
20, 000 EntreCard credits
$50 Cash Prize
Ad Spaces in 6 different, high traffic-blogs for one month

Monday, October 6, 2008

how to achieve PEACE

Are you seeking for peace?

World peace man, world peace! Everyone is aspiring for it, fighting for it and some are even dying for PEACE.

Well yesterday's reading from Phil 4:6-9 was a gem of a revelation for those seeking peace (God's way). Here's how:

Finally, brothers and sisters,
whatever is true, whatever is honorable,
whatever is just, whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious,
if there is any excellence
and if there is anything worthy of praise,
think about these things.
Keep on doing what you have learned and received
and heard and seen in me.
Then the God of peace will be with you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

simply ugh!

I have just sent the 1000 EC credits to my top dropper and I am not so happy with one thing. Here's the confirmation message I got:

1000ec + 125ec transfer fee has been debited from your account and sent to Entertain Me

Boy oh boy! This is the reason why I'm not giving out rewards next time. The tax transfer is too much!!!

To my other top droppers, please wait till I have enough EC (plus transfer fee charge!) to send out. Duh! Well anyway we're allowed to send 1000 EC credits per week so that means I have reached my quota for this week.