Thursday, August 14, 2008

simply seven

Sassy Mama Bear tagged me! I didn't even know she has noticed this blog of mine till she left a comment on my post. Well anyway, I am supposed to write infamous 7 things about me which is pretty hard to think of. Maybe I should ask my sister, she might have tons to say about me.

Anyway, let's get the ball rolling; get to know me and the rules of this game:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you
2. Share 7 things about yourself, the odder the better
3. Tag 7 People, and let them know they have been tagged.
4. Wait for everyone to scream at you, or actually participate.

Here goes my seven:

1. A decade ago, I got addicted to internet specifically Freetel chatting that when I close my eyes to sleep I can still see the green Freetel screen blinking.

2. I used not to like eating ice cream on a cone even if friends would (beg to) pay for me. You know why? Coz I don't know how to eat it! It would melt and drip down my hands. It was a big mess. Until somebody showed me the trick how to eat it the proper way.

3. When I was pregnant, I didn't like riding public transport. My wonderful hubby has to drive me all the time, anywhere I want to go.

4. I like to eat unripe peach and dip it in salt.

5. We live beside a beach yet I don't know how to swim and I'm even afraid to ride on small boats.

6. I used to wonder how people can manage to have more than 4 blogs and still have a life. Now I have like 10 or more. Geezzz!

7. My favorite food is cockroach! (hahaha just kidding there! can't think of anything more)

I'm tagging some of the EC droppers of my blog:
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Sassy Mama Bear said...

Very nice list even with the silly #7. Glad you played along and I got to know a little bit more about you :)

Harmony said...

Huh. Maybe #2 is my problem. I LOVE ice cream, but I get SO MAD when it drips and runs down my hands. Now I only get a cone on cooler days.
Sorry - this isn't supposed to be about me ;)

BK said...

Hi, thanks for tagging me. It is very much appreciated. Pardon me that I would not be playing along. However, I as an appreciation for this simply seven tag, please feel free to pass along the complimentary copy of Symphony of Love to any 7 people who you appreciated. I have already sent the link to download the ebook through the Entrecard message. You may pass the download link to them privately. :)

Once again, many many thanks for tagging me.

euphoricgirl said...

@BK, it's ok, no problem at all. :) by the way, thank you for the ebook link! have a good day!

BK said...

Thank you :)