Monday, July 14, 2008

count your blessings!

No matter how often we hear this phrase, we always tend to focus on what we lack. Agree? :) We're so blessed that we have a GREAT God who doesn't mind our shortcomings and complaints and still continues to pour out His graces on us.

It's already a week since I have this unsightly and painful wound in my leg that's been bothering me. Should I count this as a blessing? You might ask, "How can it be a blessing?" Well, I don't know what's God purpose for this but He must have a good reason for it. But please Lord, let this cup pass. Thanks! :)


Atniz said...

Get well soon.

I agree with you, he have reason for every single thing happening to us. I believe in god.

May God Bless you more!

euphoricgirl said...

Thanks a lot Atniz! God bless you too!

Jane said...

Everything works for good to those who love Him. I'm sure you'll find the logic behind it in time. But even if you don't, rest assured that He is doing it for a great purpose.